We Productized Our Knowledge in Three Deliverables

A. Knowledge Products

1. Actionable Insights - Our Financial Markets Report is the basis that has the key benefit of backing clients' decisions with critical information, scenarios, and key indicators that link global-macro with micro and sectoral analysis to Personal Finance. Unlike other reports, our knowledge products are actionable and can be used by people in their companies or their personal finance. That is our big primary differentiation factor.

The content is based on what is happening in the markets, what we think, and how we operate. For instance, some insights are:

- We share our pair of eyes on Global-Macro, Regions, and Countries.

- What are the current macro risks that are keeping us awake at night?

- Our reading on what is happening under the radar.

- How we decode market signals.

- What Markets, Commodities, Foreign Exchange (FX), Economic Drivers, Technical Indicators, Stocks, ETFs, Bonds, or Derivatives are our eyes following today?

- Trades that we are following; and, what are our eyes monitoring (closely) these days?

2. Virtual Meetings. Our Financial Markets Reports is also delivered via audio or video conference calls. We also deliver bi-weekly meetings to Clients on market updates with interactive Q&A sessions.

“Actionable knowledge is different from ‘cookie-cutter’ or ‘nice-to-have’ information. One thing is financial entertainment and another thing is actionable financial content.”

B. Training

1. Hands-on Training and Speaking Engagements: we deliver training and courses to cohort groups and we speak at conferences. We do webinars and workshops either online or on-site.

Invest in your training

We recommend you to get personalized and customized online training. We deliver one-on-one online training or group training. If you have friends or colleagues, please let us know to arrange the logistics and the customization of your program. Schedule a meeting with us to customize your training. Email us by clicking the button below:

C. Consulting - Independent Opinion

Our Offering includes the following specific consulting products:

1. Critical Macro, Micro, and Sectoral Assessment with Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

This includes the following:

a. Global Macro Assessment linked to the Regional/Local Assessment.
b. Sectoral Assessment linked to Micro/Local Assessment.
c. Available Instruments/Vehicles that meet suitability given objectives.
d. Feedback as 2nd opinion of Investment Policies.
e. Calibration and Allocation Exercises with ongoing monitoring.

2. Balance sheet, Investment Policy, and Plan Reviews

This includes the following:

a. Detection of risks when mapping portfolio of assets and new risk metrics to improve new pipeline of projects.
b. Detection of overlooked macro drivers impacting Clients’ balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows (e.g., large volatility spikes or economic downturns).
c. Hedging and projection of the balance sheet ahead of the next financial crisis.
d. Mapping of market opportunities likely to become available during and after a crisis.

Revisions of valuation and investment models, assumptions, techniques, and methodologies used to price assets and the generation of real value. Specifically, we “mark-to-reality” traditional models such as the Net Present Value (NPV) methods, the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), and Free-Cash-Flow (FCF) projections based on key drivers, the suitable risk-free rate to use, and adjusting assumptions given Systemic Risk. How to get Clients’ Balance Sheets ready for whatever happens.

3. Early Warning Signals Monitoring

This service includes how to read the bond market yield curve by using unconventional methods; how to replace flat yield curve especially for longer term business, which are unsustainable, and how to take actions given those uncertain environments.

4. Risk Management Metrics

This service includes traditional model replacement, such as Value-at-Risk (VaR), to allow a more responsive set of metrics that reflect what is actually happening today, and to cope with all risk situations including tail and systemic risks, not yet captured by many risk management models.

5. Review of Portfolio Management Practices

This covers the global-macro aspects that are missed by most models used so far in Risk Management to hedge against Systemic Risk.

6. Audit of Investment Strategies and Financial Models

This service includes reviewing and challenging of the underlying assumptions, correlations, trends, and data of models used by using unconventional methodologies.

7. Hedging Strategies

This includes the following:

a. Detection of risks, including silent Systemic Risk formation and volatility, which could wipe out entire portfolios during stress scenarios.
b. Risk mapping and key metrics to improve the asset mix in the portfolio.
c. "Defensive and Protect what you have” hedging strategies against Systemic Risk and high volatile scenarios.
d. Financial engineer hedges to overcome the threat to profits caused by frequent market crashes.

8. Investment Opportunities Detection

This includes the following:

a. Detection of investment opportunities in the short, medium, and long run given Clients’ risk profiles. Review of the best suitable assets given the investment policies in place.
b. Mapping liquidity sources to buy distressed assets when they become available.
c. We identify key opportunities at any stage of the economy; and also, during and after a crisis. We have a proprietary process to map out effective and suitable investments with high upside potential.
d. We build portfolios and investment policies for all economic environments, such as during booming economic scenarios, and bullet-proof frameworks under scenarios of crisis, financial distress, and instability.

…Having an independent opinion is key

We provide consulting services in the areas of our expertise to Companies and Individuals that are willing to speed up and go deeper into these areas. Our involvement is high and we design consulting services that are focused and specific. We invite you to schedule a meeting with us.
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Unconventional Mindset


Your Benefits

A summary of the benefits that you will get are:

1) Independent Opinion

An independent opinion on what is going on at the World Market level, all that comes with that, and how they may impact your Firm, Personal Finance, your Pension, and personal assets.

2) Unconventional Approaches to read Markets and towards International Finance

Unconventional approaches on how you can read markets and uncommon perspectives to international financeby using a "round-trip" approach (from a Macro to a Micro perspective, and back).

3) We Work with your Current Advisors and Staff

We work with your current advisors and staff. We are a firm that complements your current practice rather than replace current staff. We always take a "back-seat" approach while working hard shoulder-to-shoulder with your Team.

4) Actionable Ideas to Re-assess Your Portfolio

Actionable ideas to re-assess your portfolio (including real assets too), your personal or corporate investments, supported by (practical) hard data that covers your back.

5) We work with clients on how we articulate complex, awkward, and uncommon analysis with simple and practical calculations

We work with clients on how we articulate complex, awkward, and uncommon analysis with simple and practical calculations, how Global Macro Hedge Fund Managers generally trade, and how to hedge from extreme volatility and large market events like the COVID-19 Crisis.

6) Our deliveries provide you with critical insights that can help you articulate better questions

Our deliveries provide you with critical insights that can help you articulate better questionsto your current Advisors, Partners, or other Professionals; as a "check and balances" monitoring toolkit.

7) Flexibility

We conduct independent opinions and consultations in our consulting assignments via remote work or on-site.

8) We believe that sharing knowledge is an effective approach to improve teamwork

We believe that sharing knowledge is an effective approach to improve teamwork. Therefore, we keep things simple and share investment strategies, tactics, and analysis that Hedge Fund Managers frequently use that can improve your firm, personal finance, and your asset management. Besides, we also share unconventional ideas on how to protect your Capital against Crisis.

9) Uncommon approaches towards Global Markets

Uncommon approaches to read Global Markets to articulate suitable trades, tactical hedges, and to seize investment opportunities under any market conditions.

10) Knowledge Transfer

You can use all the knowledge in your Firm and also in your personal finance. We equip you with actionable knowledge.

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What can you expect from this journey?

Working with us as a Team, you can expect a transformation in your mindset and be equipped with more actionable knowledge to seize trading opportunities while protecting your capital. It will help you craft the hedges you need to reduce failures. Your will start operating with a Hedge Fund Manager's mindset 100% practical, all-terrain, and ready to act !

Everything we deliver is our "Bread & Butter".
We share with you what we do every single day.

...Skin is the Game is our DNA.

This is Our Key Differentiation Factor.

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