Services suitably focused on Current, Developing, and Future Market Conditions

Guided by our Mission and Values, we provide high level insights in the following areas:

  • High level coherent and risk-hedged investment insights analysis on strategies and tactical world/regional/local (re)allocations over suitable time horizons according to Clients’ risk profiles.
  • Balance Sheet realignments vis-à-vis changing investment objectives.
  • Comprehensive Risk Management Assessment complementary to current Client Risk Management Plans supporting and analyzing macro level drivers and specific levels of Balance Sheet line items. 
  • Independent second opinion on risks and investments (world/regional/local).
  • Independent Investment Policy assessments and alternative hedging scenarios with Balance Sheet Impact Assessment. (Re)Allocation analysis under changing dynamic world macro.
  • High level coherent monthly assessment of systemic risks and clustered/regional tail risks, with diversification strategy scenario analysis to improve Balance Sheet profit/risk profiles.
  • High quality quarterly asset class assessments with a focus on suitability and timing given the nature of Client Balance Sheet. 
  • In-depth analysis of the best suitable alternative investments (AI) and traditional investments given world macro scenarios.

We deliver the following Services:

  • Quality Content, Knowledge Products, and Analytical Work relevant to Finance, Insurance, and Investment industries, Market Participants of different type, Newspapers, Journals, Journalists, Magazines, News companies, other relevant players in the industry.

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  • Hands on Training (with a full-fledged practitioner approach): online, in-house, speaking engagements, seminars, workshops, or peer-to-peer training.

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  • Hands on Consulting to Board Members, Investors, Decision Makers, C-Suite Executives, Chief Investment and Risk Officers’ Departments, Trading Desks/Traders, Regulatory Agencies, Specialized Journalists, Chief Compliance Officers’ Departments, Wealth & Asset Management Houses, Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Pension Funds, (Re)Insurance Companies, Research Departments, U/High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), Multi/Single Family Offices (M/SFOs), Endowments, and other Organizations and Individuals who want to have another angle to current and future markets status.

We only engage on specific consulting assignments that add high level value to our Clients and to us. In this regard, we propose to have an initial consultation first, to then engage in a more long term engagement on an ongoing basis.

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