Financial Markets Reports:

“Decoding Markets”

Financial Markets Reports:
“Unbiased. Independent. Not influenced by AUM.”

Our analysis is unbiased. It is independent. Directional Alpha Financial Markets Report is not influenced by Assets Under Management (AUM). Our Clients find value in our work since they can test their own market views, use our insights to double-check their own hypothesis, to get supporting views for their own investment decisions, hedging strategies, and a different assessment on the direction of the market.

We take a reverse engineering approach:

1) Reality check of global markets: taking them as they are today; not as we would like them to be.
2) Stating a base case supported by hard data and factual information (90%).
3) Scenario analysis of the outcomes by trying to decode market signals (5%).
4) Mapping opinions by market players to reduce any groupthink bias (5%).
5) Factoring in things that may be happening under the radar.
6) Actionable insights.
7) Providing a range of potential profitable trades and hedges.

$894 One-time Payment for 12-month Subscription

Financial Markets Reports: “Decoding Markets”

We share with you what we do every single day. We trade our capital. We “eat what we hunt”. We make withdrawals as we generate profits.

Financial Markets Reports:
“Decoding Markets”

We equip you with actionable knowledge. This is a must-have report that contains hard data to support your trading decisions or to monitor how others are managing your money. It also has potential profitable trades and suitable hedges under any market conditions. Since we craft our reports from a Hedge Fund Manager Mindset perspective, you embark on a transformational journey where you will end up operating like one of them in just a few months. This is literally knowledge transfer. In each report, you will find what we do every day when we trade our capital. You can apply all that you learn in your personal finance and in your corporate meetings at your Company.

Financial Markets Reports: “Decoding Markets”

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$894 One-time Payment for 12-month Subscription

We have achieved abnormal returns. To do that, we had to adapt and overcome by bearing losses for longer periods than normal. We had to adopt an unconventional mindset.

1. What do People want?

People want the maximum return without taking risks. They like to “win” all the time. Many do not accept losses.

Most of the people do not want to pay for high quality analysis. Many believe that free information will provide them with higher returns.

As the saying goes: “there is a Why Ivy-league education has a high price”. There is No free lunch.

Many people believe that top quality insights can be obtained everywhere. They think that bargaining is the right thing to do, while it has the opposite effect.

2. What is the Problem?

Many people lack the knowledge to hedge their portfolios and assets and to seize potential profitable opportunities. They lack the knowledge Hedge Fund Managers have in terms of visualization, actionable trading, and disciplined risk management.

Many people go around in circles taking courses in trading and finance, of which the majority of them lack what they need: protection of capital and seizing market opportunities during extreme volatility events, uncertainties, or during crises. They usually learn techniques for a normal market environment. However, markets are not normal. Crises happen more often now.

At first, they get excited about the classes and profitable trades. However, they most often remain unhedged and unprepared when a crisis and volatility come into play. As a result, they end up in unhappy situations with a portfolio composition they are unable to understand or fix.

3. How do we know all these?

Because we have been there, feeling the same frustration. We have also lost money, but we recovered, learned and devised solutions to help them be more prepared under unchartered waters and crisis. Our methods are uncommon or unconventional. Our track record is our best business card. Unlike others, we test everything we do. We trade our capital. We achieve positive results. This is our "bread and butter"; what we do every day.

Financial Markets Reports:
“Decoding Markets”

The subscription includes:

Subscription to our Financial Markets Reports.
2) One Group
Q&A e-meeting per month or a short Q&A via email.
3) Four hardcopies of our books.
4) Summarized actionable information and trades.
5) Trade and market signals with technical charts.
Fundamental analysis.
7) Hard data supporting trading decisions and hedges.
8) Explained trading metrics.
9) Different trades alternatives to chose from.
10) Risks building up under the radar.
11) Hedges (stock, ETFs/Ns/Ps, derivatives).
12) Mapping of trading opportunities.
13) Global-macro assessment using "easy-to-read" language and without technicalities.

…and much, much more…

$894 One-time Payment for 12-month Subscription

Financial Markets Reports: “Decoding Markets”

Due to the fact that we offer a low price for this type of reports, we expect your subscription to be for at least 12 months. You will receive a renewal notice before expiration. However, the subscription billing and cancellation terms acknowledgment are that after you complete the subscription payment process, we will charge your debit or credit card monthly with the price described in the subscription section. Although we make our best effort to keep the price low, you have the right to cancel the subscription by emailing with "Subscription Cancellation" in the subject line. Given the nature of digital products, payments made in the past or after newletters are being released, refunds are not allowed for those past issues and/or past months. You are hereby acknowledging these terms for future reference. The price of the 12-month subscription to the reports will be charged as a one-time payment. The price could change in the future. If that happens, you will be notified in advance. You can pay by using or if you don't have a account, you can use your bank debit or credit cards. processes payments in the background. You will receive our reports once a month. Also, we may send out additional updates in case of major market events or market development news.

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