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Who We Are

Directional Alpha® (DA) is a proprietary Alternative Investment (AI) multi-strategy firm with state of the art alternative asset management philosophy.

Directional Alpha® core purpose and mission are to support People Growth and to maximize value creation, wealth, and growth for its members and in all markets it operates. The Firm provides world class Alternative Investment solutions with core areas in trading, alternative asset management, hands-on education & advisory services, and project-based investment deals. DA firmly believes in strong commitments towards enduring a culture of determination, courage, entrepreneurship, focused approach, results oriented goals, professionalism, and business acumen as main driving forces.

Directional Alpha® core focus is to provide Alternative Investment solutions based on diverse selection of asset classes, world class hands-on AI management, and top-notch alternative investment strategies. The Firm was founded in the Washington, DC area in 2011 by combining different world class global investment styles, business acumen, traditional and unconventional methods, and robust alternative asset management practices that constitute the key success factors of DA’s track record.